Table Animator

Add animated borders to your HTML tables

Table Animator adds animated borders to HTML tables. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create an eye-catching design by framing your content and products with animated borders.

This software program creates a HTML file with a table tag together with an animated gif file to be used as the table’s background image. The animated gif can be created from pre-defined styles and colors or speed and geometric properties of the animation.

Table Animator combines the original animated gif with the cell shape to keep the animation according to the black shape and set the white sections to transparency.

You can set the table properties such as size, columns, rows, cell color and page color. The table properties and the created animated gif are displayed in the preview window to reflect the look and color balance of the animated table.

With Table Animator you can bring design options to a new level by animating table borders with numerous styles, shapes and colors to increase traffic and sales.